Our Smile Gallery

Fix my smile…

This patient was unhappy with the space between her teeth, she also had damage from grinding. Ortho treatment would have fixed the gap in her front teeth but would not have addressed any of her other cosmetic concerns. The photo in the top right shows the same day temporary work done to improve her smile while waiting for the final product to arrive (bottom photo).

close-up of patient's teeth before and after crowns

3D scans have changed the way we approach even the most difficult cases. This patient suffered from periodontal disease and required 10 implants.

model of dental implants
Emergency Work!

This patient had fallen and broken several front teeth, they were concerned about the cosmetic appearance and desired a quick repair. The work was completed in only 2 visits.

close-up of patient's smile before and after emergency dental work
I don’t want to do Ortho…

This patient wanted to fix their smile without going through the hassle of orthodontic treatment. We were able to fix the spaces between his teeth as well as whiten them with veneers.

close-up of patient's smile before and after orthodontic treatment