Not your regular implant and veneer case comes through the door!

Patient presents in pain pointing to his front tooth on the top (tooth #8). X-ray shows a rare internal resorption of the tooth. In other words, it was being eaten away by the body from inside. This is usually caused by trauma to the area, which can be from as far back as 30 years!!! After the tooth was carefully removed, not to disturb the surrounding bone, an implant was placed and allowed to heal for several months. The old tooth was splinted in the space so that he didn’t go a second without a tooth. Later on a crown was placed on the implant and a veneer was placed on the tooth next to it to give a better appearance. The patient was so happy he screamed! He is currently undergoing Invisalign treatment to get the full smile he deserves after realizing how important it is and finding a doctor that he trusts. I was very proud of his patience and optimism throughout the process. Are you 100% happy with your smile?

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