When veneers become more than cosmetic!

It is not uncommon to have at least once dental related traumatic event in your lifetime. Unfortunately I see a case like this almost daily. We very often can treat a complex problem such as this the very same day. In this case the teeth first needed to be thoroughly inspected for nerve damage to see if medications or a root canal were required prior to any other procedures. If required those treatments can typically be provided at the practice on the same day. The patient was a good sport about the situation and was eager to get started.

Painless cosmetic dentistry starts with proper anesthetic administration followed by a preparation and impression of the teeth. The impression is sent out to the finest cosmetic labs in the country which review past pictures of the patient so that they can duplicate what the smile looked like prior to the injury. Veneers and crowns can be made in a very large range of colors, shapes and translucencies to achieve the desired result. Immediately the temporary veneers and crowns are fabricated for the patient (that is what you are viewing in the photo below) so that within just an hour the initial procedure is completed. Most of these labs have only a one week turn around… stay tuned for the final fitting of the porcelain veneers and crowns!

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